• Why?

    The Township communities deserve sustainable living options.

    Because all people needs to be educated on recycling and waste.


    South Africa disposes of 566 million tonnes of waste a year.


    According to the CSIR research study conducted in 2014 only 3.3% of South African households recycle their waste.


    Wheelie bins contains lethal bacteria such as E.coli and salmonella….

    as the climate changes, wheelie bins are highly unhygienic.


  • Let's all put a Wheely in the wheelie !

    Here is our product: the Wheely bag.

  • What is our solution?

    A simple, reusable solution to help the ordinary household separate their waste and start recycling.


    The wheely in a wheelie’s purpose is to help the ordinary household separate their organic waste from other waste such as glass, paper and cans and recycle all of the waste.


    The organic waste will be converted into compost.

    The glass, paper and cans will be collected and sold to buy back centers.

    The wheely in a wheelie is made out recycled billboards


  • Who are we?

    Wendy Somlayi

    Wendy Somlavi is a young black female from Khayelitsha, South Africa. I am always persistent in doing things for myself and enjoy the company of fellow millennials that share the spirit of “Vuka Uzenzele” that means "wake up and do things yourself" in khosa.


    As a college student, Wendy was always worried about her chances of finding employment in human resources. She then started washing wheelie bins in her community and started a sustainable business to find solutions to this major issue in South African townships.

  • Contact us

    My name is Wendy Somlavi, and I am the founder and CEO of Wheely in a Wheelie.




    Wheely in a wheelie